Welcome Back Chargers!

Charger Voice

Herbert Henry Dow High School * 3901 N. Saginaw Road * Midland Michigan 48640

August 2017                                                                        www.midlandps.org/sites/dhs


Dear Charger Families:

We are excited to get the 2017-18 school year started! Classes will begin on Tuesday, September 5 at 7:40 a.m. We would like to welcome all of our new families to Dow High School and welcome others back. H H Dow High School is ready for another fantastic school year with all Chargers!

Our secured entrance will be completed soon. This will be the only way to get into our building once school starts. With this new addition, there will be growing pains. Security is not always convenient, but is necessary. This will lead to our school being locked more throughout the day and night.

Please feel free to contact me at poolesa@midlandps.org if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you for being a part of the Charger Family!

Dr. Steve Poole



Alex Karapas – Social Studies       

Chelsea Berg – Social Studies        

Bridgit Sova – Special Education                          

Mistine Nasrey – Special Education                 

Rhonda Carey – Math                    

Jackie Majestic – Business     


Dr. Steve Poole – poolesa@midlandps.org – 989-923-5388

Ms. Jennifer Coppens – coppensjl@midlandps.org – 989-923-5418

Ms. Julie Villano – villanojk@midlandps.org -989-923-3449

Ms. Carla Koch – kochca1@midlandps.org – 989923-5406

Mr. John Streeter- streeterje@midlandps.org – 989-923-5582

MAIN OFFICE:  989-923-5382

Lynn Burns, Supervising Administrative Assistant

Joseph Moore, Registrar

Vicki Jines, Athletic Office Professional

Mary LaFever, Finance Office Professional


Tim Chisholm

Parents Stay Connected

Parents who wish to receive regular newsletters and information electronically, must provide the main office with a current email address.  Having this information on file will allow parents access to Home Access.  With an HAC account, parents can track student grades, attendance, and daily assignments.  If your email changes contact the main office.

The Dow High website contains many useful items of information for parents and students.  (Visit the Dow High website at www.midlandps.org /sites/dhs/Pages and for athletic information www.DowAthletics.com.)  Sports schedules, cancellations, delays and scores are updated as soon as information is available.

First Semester Charger Events:

August 28 Schedule Walk – 9:00 – 11:00 Freshmen & 1:00 – 3:00 10th, 11th and 12th

11:00 AM New to Dow High School Parent Meeting in Cafeteria

August 29 Curriculum Night @ 6:00 PM

September 5 Classes Begin

September 11 Picture Day

October 7 Homecoming

October 18 Parent/Teacher Conferences 5:00 – 8:00

Senior Pictures should be submitted to the Yearbook Staff by December 1.  Pictures should be standard wallet size and in color.  Photos can be submitted electronically to Advisor Cammie Hall at hallcs@midlandps.org or turned into the Yearbook Staff in Room 218.

Student Planners are $5.00 and will be available during the schedule walk, curriculum night and in the office.  Cash or check is accepted, please make checks payable to HH Dow High.

Curriculum NightParents are invited to come to class on August 29 beginning at 6PM.  By following your student’s schedule you will meet their teachers and find out what is expected for our student to succeed.  Please make sure to bring a copy of student’s schedule to follow.

Student Drivers and Car Registration –  Driving a car to school is a privilege.  Any car on school property must be registered in the main office.  There is a $50.00 registration fee per student.  After purchasing a parking permit, a parking spot will be assigned.  Failure to park in the assigned spot may result in disciplinary action.  NEW PARKING INFO. (PARKING SPACES WILL BE NUMBERED AND ASSIGNED BY PURCHASED PERMIT) The deadline for registering vehicles without penalty is September 23.  The sticker permits must be adhered to the lower left rear window (driver’s side).  The sticker must be visible. Vehicles not registered or parked in the incorrect spot,  will be ticketed and may be towed or booted. For further guidelines please refer to the Student Handbook.

LUNCH: Students will find out if they have 1st or 2nd lunch on the first day of school.  All students should report to their 4th hour class to find out which lunch hour they have.

Building Hours:

7:00 AM – 4:00 PM Monday – Friday

After 4:00 PM students must be under the supervision of an adult, coach, or extra-curricular advisor.

The Media Center is open from 7:00AM -4:00PM as a supervised location for students to study.

Breakfast is served in the cafeteria from 7:15 AM – 7:40.

Students who do not have a seventh hour class should exit the building at 2:45 PM unless studying in the Media Center.


Lockers assignments have been made.  We tried our best to accommodate the requests that were made.  Please understand that if you were lucky enough to have a locker by yourself last year, this year you probably won’t.  We are limited on the number of lockers that we have so most people will have a locker partner for the year.  The locker request period is over, so if your locker is not in the spot that you prefer, please remember to get your locker request in at the end of this school year.  Thanks for your understanding in this matter.  Remember we cannot change combinations so do NOT give out your combination to anyone.

UNITED FOR SUCCESS Parent volunteers must create a profile through United for Success.  This portal can be found under the Parent Link on the MPS website.  Each volunteer plays an important part in the education process.  We truly appreciate each of our volunteers and all they do for our students.

The School Day at H.H.DOW HIGH

1st Hour 7:40 – 8:35

2nd Hour 8:41 – 9:36

3rd Hour          9:42 – 10:47

1st Lunch        10:53 – 11:23

4th Hour        11:28 – 12:23


4th Hour        10:53 – 11:48

2nd Lunch        11:53 – 12:23

5th Hour          12:29 – 1:24

6th Hour 1:30 – 2:25

7th Hour 2:30 – 3:25